Where do I start online research?

Research TipsYou may begin your online research by using a search engine, a website that may be searched to find topical websites.  While this tactic does usually find relevant information, it may not be the best way to begin.

In the Library, we often start research by getting an overview of a topic from an encyclopedia.  We often recommend Encyclopedia Britannica Academic or Encylopedia Britannica School for younger researchers.  A Spanish version is also available.

Another good starting place is full text databases that contain articles from magazines and newspapers.  Because these databases are searchable by names and keywords, they often identify and link to articles on the topics of research.  Huntington Public Library subscribes to several useful databases.


Are there better search engines than Google?

While Google is a very powerful tool for finding websites with the information you seek, it is not the only useful search engine. There are many, including Yahoo!,, and Bing. Information professionals debate the relative merits of each all the time.


How reliable is online information?

We recommend skepticism whenever you do research with print or online resources. Newspaper and magazine reporters do make mistakes and sometimes misrepresent their topics. Online authors are as human as their print colleagues. We always recommend finding multiple sources of information for scholarly work or making decisions about medical treatment, investments, and other important issues.

Online information may be particularly erroneous or misleading, for many websites are not subjected to editorial control usually demanded for print publications.


Can I trust Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a democratically created encyclopedia that is constantly being edited by people who care about accuracy, but they cannot always catch erroneous information posted by people with slanted viewpoints. Wikipedia is useful for identifying names and facts, but these should then always be verified with other resources. This people’s encyclopedia should be only one of your sources. Students should ask their teachers whether use of Wikipedia is allowed.


Do librarians recommend websites?

Yes, we have created pages of links for you to confidently use:

Useful Websites

Other librarians have created these online tools:

Internet Public Library


Can I get research help from your librarians?

Our librarians are always ready to help you with your research. They can answer your reference questions or advise you on resources to use. They can recommend search strategies and instruct you on use of databases. Come by the Reference Desk, call (631) 427-5165, ext 251, use the Ask a Librarian Form or e-mail us at



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