Acceptable Use Policy

Internet Access: To assist users, Huntington Public librarians, following selection guidelines, have selected links for the HPL Web site from the vast resources available on the Internet. Public access to the Internet is not limited to these links. The quality, accuracy and timeliness of information on the Internet varies from site to site, and sites may be controversial or of a mature nature. HPL does not monitor, has no control over, and does not accept responsibility for material in other sources on the Internet. At their own discretion, library users access the Internet and are responsible for the results of their searches.

Responsibilities of Computer Users: HPL requires computer users to respect the rights and sensibilities of all library users. Some Internet sites are inappropriate for viewing in a public setting. Users should refrain from the use of Internet sounds and visuals that may disrupt the ability of other library patrons to use the library and its resources. Library staff reserve the right to end Internet sessions when sexually explicit or pornographic materials are displayed. (See also Illegal and Unacceptable Uses).

Internet Safety: Librarians are partners with parents in guiding children to safe and appropriate use of the Internet. HPL therefore filters all of its computers used by children and young adults up to the age of 17.  Parents and guardians are responsible for supervising their children's Internet sessions and for letting their children know if there are materials children should not use or view. The library assists parents and guardians who desire guidance for their children's use of the Internet through their technical expertise and guidance. Parents and guardians are directed to the "Child Safety on the Information Highway" produced by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and Interactive Service Organizations for assistance on protecting their children.  The FBI has also produced a Parent's Guide to Internet Safety.

Disclaimer: Users access the library computer hardware, software and documentation at their own risk. The Huntington Public Library is not responsible for equipment malfunction, loss of data, any damages to the user's disks, data etc. or electronic transactions of any type which are related to the public use of library computer resources.

Illegal and/or Unacceptable Uses: People may use the library computers only for legal purposes. Examples of unacceptable uses include but are not limited to the following:

  • Display of sexually explicit or pornographic materials;
  • Harassment of other users or violation of their privacy;
  • Libeling, slandering or maliciously offending other users;
  • Violation of copyright laws or software licensing agreements;
  • Attempting to crash, degrade performance or gain unauthorized access to HPL's or to other computer systems and networks;
  • Damaging equipment, software or data belonging to HPL or other users.